Biogas Utilization

The Process

bioenergy-utilization-1.jpgThe waste to energy process starts with the existing biogas host. The gas supply is sent through the flare station to manage gas destruction and utilization. The biogas then enters a low pressure biogas storage membrane to optimize output capacities.

A gas conditioner cleans the gas of contaminates, then brings gas to operating temperature and pressure, in order to regulate gas flow. This flow is combusted through our modular gensets for electricity sales or compressed and used it as transportation fuel. Waste heat is recovered for processing.


Our business model uses distributed modular units that can be changed out or coupled with other modules to effectively match fluctuating gas outputs. We plan and design for components to be sized, integrated, and standardized for expansion and contraction as the feedstock supply curve changes. Each utilization facility is designed to reach optimal results based on commercial viability.