Biogas Utilization
Thermal Waste Recovery



Our thermal element transfers liquids from oil and coolant loops at the gensets out into a central heat exchange module. Multiple gensets can be tied together and transferred through this heat exchanger.  Waste heat is transferred to condition the ambient plant environment for cold weather or heating buildings and structures.


Thermal transfer of genset energy is used to reduce parasitic electrical loads through a BTU energy sink. The stored heat can be used in the winter to heat up the gensets or to cool the gensets in the summer. The heat can provide comfort for building or be used to reprocess and dry waste streams.


One thermal transfer module can service up to four gensets.

Manufacturer and Model:

The mechanical piping and heat exchangers are available commercially, the process is innovative, how the components are integrated and then modeled, is the key to success.


At the heart of a thermal system are one or more pumps and heat exchangers. Unlike conventional heating systems that burn fossil fuels or use electricity to create heat, pumps simply move heat from one place to another through the transfer process of a the plate exchanger.


By transferring the thermal energy from the coolant piping of the gensets out through heat exchangers onto ground sinks the parasitic electrical load of the plant is reduced. Understanding the size of BTU host required allows us to optimized efficiencies incrementally as the location and loads change.