Local Participation

community-1.jpgCedar Road Bioenergy Inc. works to acknowledge and sponsor initiatives that encourage growth in the environmental sector.  We are committed to providing support for the local community. We create opportunities for economic development and, participation through training and employment in the clean energy sector. We also actively participate in community charitable ventures.


International Participation – Cuba

community-2.jpgCuban Art Project
community-3.jpg Latin America is famous for its own style of sculpture, pottery and carving.  Cuban art is a blend of cultural diversity with touches of African, South American and European flavours. We are importing and working towards opening an online store where pieces such as these beautiful examples can be purchased.

Eco-Efficient Communities Initiative (EECI) 
community-4.jpgSuncurrent undertook a five-year Eco-Efficient Communities Initiative (EECI) with host country Cuba.  We built capacity in the renewable energy technologies with the La Brisa wind powered water pumper, a wind-electric hybrid whichis supporting Cuba's high commitment to wind and solar energy.

By successfully testing, assessing and adapting Canadian technologies to Cuba, we effectively demonstrated that these technologies are transferrable to other countries with any climate. 

Donation Program

community-5.jpgSince 1994 Suncurrent with the assistance of Canadian partners have shipped donations of uniforms, shoes, footballs and bicycles to community partners in Jamaica and Cuba.

community-6.jpgEECI works in Cuba received 170 previously owned bicycles and now enjoy the freedom of their own wheels.