The Suncurrent Group of Companies

services-1.jpgFor thirty-five years, the group of companies has been operational in the renewable energy sector. Our teams accumulated experience in project development includes facility design, financial structuring and implementation in solar, wind, renewable hybrid with diesel, bioenergy, biogas, biofuels, digestion, ram pumping, clean energy power production, sustainable building design, construction, and project management which continually present Suncurrent Group with exposure to new technologies and companies throughout the world.

Our operational experience with biogas utilization from implementing through to operation of MW facilities allows us to offer project owners with term service expertise in biogas plant operations.

services-2.jpgThe Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre is also our training facility and is used as a 1.3 MW biogas demonstration platform to train technicians sent to us by our partners. Our partners are invested and committed to leading and extending clean energy with bioenergy out into emerging markets.

As experts with hands on experience in most renewable sectors, Suncurrent SA in Mexico offers review, viability and quantity survey consultants to lenders and project proponents in financial loan transactions in the Caribbean Basin.

Our technology leadership, in support of your service needs in capacity building and growth in renewables is available in English, Spanish, and German.