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Suncurrent Industries Inc., Alberta, Canada
Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc., B.C., Canada
Suncurrent S.A de C.V., Yucatan, Mexico


Paul Liddy, Director General and Founder:

Incorporated in 1981 and over the course of nearly 35years,Paul has advanced the Group of Companies from designing and building commercial real estate developments to being a leader in the renewable. In 1998 the group began directing a large percentage of company resources to clean energy project development. In 2005 saw the introduction, commissioning and commercialization of an innovative world leading megawatt biogas utilization platform in BC.Paul leads an international management team implementing clean energy projects in the bioenergy sector into the Americas. His position at Suncurrent is Director General with overall responsibility for operating success. He is dedicated to building a business with leading technical and management capacity in support of the advancement of the clean energy sector in the Americas. pliddy(at)


Lorenzo Raúl Sarduy Valedón, Event Chair, Director of Marketing and Communications

Lorenzo has extensive experience in Project Management, specializing in information, communication and intellectual property. Lorenzo holds a Master Degree in Science and Technology Management and a Bachelor in Education as well as additional studies in Communication, ISO 9000, applications for information management, photography, videos and management of web pages. He has specialized in treating organic material to obtain biogas and its utilization, and managed a plant which generates electricity from biogas. Lorenzo also worked for 11 years in management and as a specialist in the Integrated Center for Water Technologies in Camaguey, Cuba. Lorenzo is passionate about renewable energies and protection of the environment. lvaledon(at)


José Carlos Díaz Vidal, Director, Business Development

Jose has 29 years of experience in the field of the renewable energies and has developed projects on climatology, installation of technologies using renewable energies in Cuba and Latin America. Jose holds a Bachelor in Geography and continues to study in the fields of economy, management of projects, and utilization of renewable energies. He studied in Cuba, Spain and Venezuela. He has received training in biogas utilization to generate electricity with Suncurrent Group in Canada. He has participated in different events and fairs nationally and internationally. Jose loves to cook using Caribbean products. jcdiaz(at)


Pedro Luis Perez Hernandez, Director, Technical Services

MechanicalEngineer with a MasterDegree in Energy Efficiencyfrom University of Oriente,Cuba, in 2005, Pedro has over 20 years of experience in the field of Renewable Energies, Ram Pumps, Solar pumping water, Wind Water pump and other technologies related to renewables. He has worked in Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico and Canada. In the last five years, He has been involved in the Biogas Sector, using it as a fuel to generate power and both operated, and managed the Power Plantat the Cedar Road Bioenergy Centre in British Columbia, Canada. plperez(at)


Eduardo Wittenberg, Operations Manager, Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre

Ed was born in Argentina, and speaks Spanish, English and German. He has 25 years of trade and management experience in heavy equipment, power plants and general automotive industry. Ed manages the 1.4 MW biogas utilization facility in Canada. This Collaborative Demonstration and Development Centre is the showcase of the Suncurrent Group’s bioenergy innovation. Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc., the owner of the plant commissioned the facility in 2010 in collaboration with the local Municipal government. Ed is responsible for the overall operations and performance for electrical sales, biogas storage, thermal waste heat recovery and biofuels innovation at the Centre. edwittengerg(at)


Since November 2014, Andrew has been photographing, researching, writing, and mapping renewable energy near the U.S. Capitol.  For the last four years, Andrew has been working in Congressional Relations at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP). He represents USIP on Capitol Hill, tracks the Institute’s activities with Congress, and researches ways in which USIP can serve congressional members and staff.  Before coming to USIP, Andrew interned on Capitol Hill, taught English in Marseille, served as a night hotel receptionist on the Mediterranean, and worked as a professional landscaper.  Finally, Andrew is interested in progress being made on the solar front in island nations and communities without grid access. He studied Political Science, French, and European Studies at the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 2009.