Biogas Utilization


The high pressure gas storage, double membrane gasholder is integrated between the Gas conditioning skid and biogas host. It serves as intermediary storage to buffer changes in the fluctuation of the delivery biogas.  This element increases flexibility and performance of the whole bioenergy utilization platform.


The gasholder/gas storage allows integration of further innovation platforms such as refueling operations and optimal thermal heat transfer. A further storage benefit is that it permits electrical output increases at peak times.


Useful gas volume: 200 cu/M to 20,000 cu/M


In case of low pressure gas storage, the outer membrane is the protection layer and is always under pressure.  The inner membrane stores the gas and inflates and deflates with filling and use.

A key element of most biogas plants is the capacity to buffer and store biogas to optimized different energy outputs. We are demonstrating this advantage with a TECON double membrane gasholder. This low pressure biogas storage is a cost effective solution to achieve process flexibility.