A Collaborative Demonstration & Development Centre

innovation-1.jpgNanaimo Bioenergy Centre is a collaborative development and demonstration platform. This centre is where private and public stakeholders and, partners come together to innovate, to achieve measurable leading outcomes in commercial GHG reduction, to distribute waste to energy and in product conversion for small to medium sized landfills.

Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc. has seven areas of innovation as outline below. We are working with and pursuing collaboration partnerships in the following areas:

  • Biogas fuel storage, capacity buffer
  • Standby electrical module, fast charge platform
  • Biogas cleaning equipment
  • District heating
  • Genset exhaust waste heat recovery.
  • Biogas compression and processing for transportation fuel
  • Wireless billing platforms for remote fuel and electricity purchase

Do you want to innovate with us?

If you have a clean tech innovation platform you believe is ready for pilot, demonstration, or development, please send email to info(at) with contact information, a brief description of your innovation, technology strengths or other ideas you have in relation to implementation. We will respond to all enquiries.

To advance technology, The Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre continuously supports education and research with aligned schools, companies and organizations. As a training platform, we encourage students and new employees from Canada, Mexico, and internationally entering the clean energy sector to gain implementation experience.