Project Development

Biogas: Technology for Today, Technologies for Tomorrow.

project-development-1.jpgOur operating business plan works with hosts and other key stakeholders to create regional demonstration partnerships in the waste to energy sector. The outcome from these partnerships is the opportunity for royalties to the biogas host, economic development for the community; new sector opportunities for employment; innovation within the bioenergy industry, and emission reduction. Further benefits are achieved through advancement of the knowledge base for long term sustainability in the local economy.

Pilot Demonstration Projects

project-development-2.jpgWe are currently seeking new regional pilot demonstration projects in North America and the Caribbean for biogas utilization. These demonstration projects will result in a facility that can be designed and sized to cost-effectively produce bioenergy for regional sale. We are interested in discussions with established local in-country partners to operate, manage and take responsibility for annual facility production. Pilot Demonstration Projects can be a strong tool to encourage innovation and cross sector involvement as a driver for local economic growth.