Sustainability Values

Dear Visitors and Friends;

As the founder of the Suncurrent Group of Companies, I welcome you to our site. Throughout our eco energy history Suncurrent has remained committed to Building a Better Environment. Our goal is to maximize emission reduction while achieving highest capacity and utilization possible to confirm profitability.

hand-shake.jpgOur long term strategic plan is always evolving while remaining focused on human capacity to advance renewable energy commercially. This for us is the long view of sustainability. We are achieving this successfully with our integrated bioenergy modular platform. We have customized or narrowed the known cluster model to focus on using biogas as the driver. Our business introduces utilization technologies that cluster and cascade, one behind the other at the “Collaborative Development and Demonstration Centre” CDDC. We use our bankable track record to support new project development, product sales and service for growth. Our Latin American lead, Suncurrent SA de CV has been operational since 2012, based in Merida, Mexico.  We are expanding relationships while supporting the clean energy sector in the Caribbean Basin since our first project in Jamaica in 1994. Our CDDC commissioned in 2009 in Canada continues with innovation and training pushing new technology and process.

When the company was founded in 1978, we started out in sustainability with the design and construction of passive solar homes. Our first was earth sheltered and used the concrete mass of the structure as a heat sink to store the sun's energy in the extreme northern climates of Canada. From this first experience we expanded into general construction, then property development where today we incorporated active energy systems into our efficient, design/built properties.

Through the 1980's we participated in the renewable energy sector by membership and leadership roles in sector associations and organizations in the area of policy development. In the 1990's we shifted our focus and began to commit financial resources from our property development company to undertaking physical projects in the renewable energy sector, first in the Caribbean basin then in Canada.

We have always maintained a curiosity that challenges us to innovate and take technology risks. As this industry is young we believe that financial commitment to research and development keeps us at an implementation advantage. Learning through technology and process innovation, while not always successful provides us with rapid internal practical understanding, which strengthens our commercial pipeline. We have gained expertise and a knowledge base in clean distributed energy that qualifies us with a unique understanding in the three sectors where we operate and how to fit them together. I am proud of the number of individuals that this has provided employment and opportunity to over the years. Many of which have gone on to be leaders in the environmental sector today. We continue to welcome and mentor new minds in the environmental field.

We advocate for regulatory change and leadership that empowers local community to benefit from distributed energy in both the developed and developing nations. Economic and environmental necessity continues to change consumer thinking and the direction we take to secure our energy future. We actively pursue partnership with like-minded people in the reach for sustainability.  With any luck, we will achieve our goal of a Better Environment to the Twenty First Century.

Paul Liddy

Founder and Principal